Hi everyone…

I am Coconut. You all know me as a part of your food habits. But I am more than just a portion of food for everyone. I have another story, a story where I help people to be a better version of themselves.


Ayurveda is a friend of mine and she regularly calls me to help her. My oil and extracts can help her make humans better. She also calls Dathapala for helping her out. Ayurveda is a running facility to treat people. Her treatment plans incorporate natural healing techniques without causing any unwanted reaction from the body.


Oh, I forgot to mention my family, danthapala is the love of my life for the last few thousand years. We met during our work with Ayurveda. It was love at first sight. We went for few dates and we knew from the start that this is going to work for both of us.

But it was not an easy love story. Forest and Mountain are Danthapala’s parents. They did not accept our relationship. Can’t let their daughter marry a city boy they said. Indeed, I did not grow inside a forest, like Danthapala. But my mind is always fresh and natural like them. Danthapala understood this but not her parents.

They tried to marry her off to some forest herbs. Someone who matches their family values and status. But Danthapala held on to me tightly as ever. After few months of the fight, her family finally agreed to our relationship. We married soon and started our happily ever after. Ayurveda is our best friend and we care for her deeply. The major source of family income comes from our work with Ayurveda in her haircare department.

Haircare department

Are you wondering what this Ayurvedic haircare department is? It is one of the places I have worked with Danthapala and Ayurveda for the past few thousand years. It is a wonderful place where people come to reflect on themselves and make a better version of themselves. 

Haircare is one of the fundamental aspects people notice in others. Improper management of the hair is enough to cause a bad reputation for some people.

Some people are fed up with hair problems. Damaged hair can be a major reason for frustration among the youth. That’s where I can help people. My oil can protect and mask hair from damage. It also has great anti-bacterial properties. I am sure there are people out there who ask what are the benefits of coconut oil for hair. Below are the answers for such people:


Hair can readily absorb my oil. My oil can nourish hair from within and promotes healthy hair growth. It contains lauric acid which has nourishing effects on hair strands. My oil can also moisturize and help reduce dry scalp.

Hair mask

My oil can also act as a mask for your hair and scalp. It can help block bacterial and fungal action on the scalp and reduce irritation and damage to hair.

Can work effectively with other oils

My oil can readily reduce frizzy and damaged hair. When I work with my friends, we can boost the effectiveness of each other. For example, When I work with my friend aloe vera, the synergy of our oil can heal the scalp and repair hair damage. I have already told you about the chemistry I have with danthapala already.


Hair conditioner

Ever wondered what is the best conditioner for hair. Well, my oil is one of the best in business for that purpose. My oil is good as a pre-shampoo oil. I can help condition the hair and reduce the dryness that your shampoo can cause on your hair.

Prevent hair loss

Daily shampooing, grooming, and washing and can a lot of wear and tear on the hair. This can also cause breakage, damage, and hair loss. Coconut oil can help mask the hair and protect it from damage. Lower hair loss can also mean longer hair and healthier hair.

Do you know?

People who consume my oil are less prone to health conditions compared to people who do not consume my products.


But that is not everything. I can do more than just hair care. People all over the world use me in their dietary plan, for body oil, and sometimes as a cool drink too. But it does not end here. My husk is used for rope and scrubbers, sticks for brooms, leaves for thatching, and shells for crafts.

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