Hair care combo pack

Rs. 980.00 Rs. 1,510.00

complete skin and hair care pack in india
complete skin and hair care pack in india complete skin and hair care pack in india
Use Ayurprabhava Hair care combo for the complete protection of hair and scalp. The goodness of Danthapala oil helps to shield from fungal attacks on the scalp and hair. It is also best for its properties in preventing dandruff. Hair oil enriched with biotin and natural oils is best for overall hair health. It can help to prevent common hair conditions like hair fall, dry scalp, pattern balding and premature greying. Ayurprabhava shampoo is best for daily use. It can help cleanse the hair from impurities and excess oil. Shampoo can help nourish healthy and strong hair with the targeted action on Magnesium compounds, . Together it is a complete hair care combo.

We recommend using Danthapala oil 3 times per week. However, if you are facing dandruff due to a fungal attack, use Danthapala oil 4 times in a week. We recommend using Danthapala oil and AyurprabhavaHair oil on alternative days. Hair oil can give the best results for hair fall, pattern balding and dandruff due to dry skin.
Ayurprabhava shampoo can be used daily. It is best for removing excess oil from the hair and the scalp, split ends and for deep cleaning.