About Us

The story of Ayurprabhava began 42 years ago as a search for the Kerala’s forgotten Ayurvedic lifestyle. Nature has a large collection of herbal health solutions. We try to reinvent these forgotten ideas. The result is a range of ayurvedic beauty products and health supplements. Our mission is to share these these products with the world. Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing. It mainly focuses on supporting the balance and harmony of life and improve the wellbeing of mind and body. Ayurveda is a lifestyle developed in the core of Kerala 1000s of years ago. It is not spread throughout the world. Ayurveda has recently attracted a lot of attention in the medical area. Many of its means are now widely accepted as best. We at Ayurprabhava have made Ayurveda our soul for the past 43 years. We have started our journey to spread the best natural herbal supplements to the world. All our products have the best quality control. They are also certified within the best of medical standards. Our range of products mainly includes ayurvedic treatment for diabetes type-2 and cosmetic products for health and wellness of skin and hair. We also offer the best natural products for countering diabetes in Thrissur, Kerala and also all across India.