Pure Ayurvedic

Our products are extracted from 100% pure natural ingredients incorporated within authentic Ayurvedic standards.

No Side Effects

One of the major benefits of using Ayurveda is that it has no side effects.

Better Results

We are competing in a result-oriented world and we are proud of the quality of the medicines we provide which are proved to derive positive results.

About Us

We at Rosegold began our tryst with Ayurveda with a vision to improve on the quality of life following the ways of nature. Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing that significantly focuses on sustaining the balance and harmony of life. Kerala Ayurveda provides us with a healthy lifestyle which could greatly improve the wellbeing of body and mind.
We have embarked on a journey to spread the secrets of venereal wisdom, derived from ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, to the world for the past 40 years. Our Ayurvedic medicines extracted from 100% natural herbs are proven to be able to blaze the passion and desire in everyone to culminate in having the greatest time one could aspire for. All our products are clinically tested for the highest quality and are certified within the best of medical Bottom of Formstandards.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold capsules is a pure ayurvedic medicine which contains 100% natural products with no steroids. It helps to arouse sexual instinct, enhances the libido, reduces premature ejaculation, boosts strength & stamina and helps maintain sustained penile erection. A unique formulation specifically meant for inducing venereal desire and passion, increasing the erogenous pleasure and performance. It also helps improve in the production of sperms, relieves anxiety and stress associated with sexual performance by providing better sexual experience. Our medicines are all tested clinically tested for best results.

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