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Derived from 100% natural ingredients.

No side effects

No major side effects as the products are all natural

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Proven to derive best results.

About Us

The story of Ayurprabhava began 40 years ago as an exploration of Kerala Ayurveda lifestyle. The result rejuvenated the ways of nature by extracting from the essence of herbal remedies nature has provided us with. To share this bountiful gift with the modern world drowned in the chaos of pollution and modern lifestyle is a mission we have embarked upon.
Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing that significantly focuses on sustaining the balance and harmony of life by deeply improving the quality and wellbeing of mind and body, developed in the heart of Kerala 1000s of years ago. Kerala Ayurveda provides us with a healthy lifestyle which could greatly improve the wellbeing of body and mind.               
We at Ayurprabhava have embraced Ayurveda as our soul and we have embarked on a journey to spread its healing wings to the world for the past 40 years. We have researched a range of products and have been innovating to take them directly to your doorsteps. All our products are clinically tested for the highest quality and are certified within the best of medical standards.


Antidiamix is a 100% pure natural medicine to help control the symptoms of diabetes and let you live a quality life. The unique formulation of herbal products used in medicine contains no added chemicals or steroids. The medicine is especially effective for type-2 diabetes. Antidiamix works by lowering the blood sugar levels and reduce the insulin resistance of the body, thereby assisting the body to efficiently utilize the insulin produced within. There are no side effects from the medicine compared as the product is 100% pure natural. The ingredients are all handpicked from the purest sources with the best quality assurance and standards. The whole process of collecting ingredients, mixing, packing, transport, and handling are carried out with minimal exposure to external elements to ascertain the overall quality of the product.

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