How to get rid of dandruff fast, and what is the cure for dandruff?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in life. Dandruff is a major headache for sure (something that is literally in your head).

It is one of the most common skin conditions found throughout the world. Well, Wikipedia says around half of the world's population has dandruff. Men are more affected than women. It is commonly found in people who have passed puberty. It is one of the few conditions that can affect the self-esteem of people. In reality, dandruff is a skin condition that mostly affects the scalp.

The actual causes are still unknown. It is speculated to be due to genetic and environmental factors. To understand dandruff better and its remedies, it is imperative to understand the types of dandruff.

Types of Dandruff and Causes
Dandruff is a condition where skin cells get flaked off from the scalp. To understand the remedies for dandruff, first we will look into the type of dandruff and its causes. There are primarily 3 types:

  • Dry skin dandruff
  • Oily skin dandruff
  • Fungal dandruff

We will look briefly for an explanation of each.
Dry Skin dandruff
Dry skin dandruff is a condition characterized by the regular shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. This looks like fine white flakes. It is also the most commonly found form of dandruff. This usually happens when the scalp is dry. Winter season, artificial cooling systems, bathing in hot water, and regular use of strong shampoo can cause this condition. People have also reported having an itchy scalp with this condition. But it is usually mild and not excessively bothersome.

Oily skin Dandruff
This is a condition that arises when sebaceous glands on the scalp produce too much oil. Sebaceous glands produce an oily substance known as sebum. Normally, our body produces sebum to moisturize the scalp. The flakes caused by this condition are usually larger than those in dry skin dandruff. The shades appear close to a yellow color. Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition where the oily skin dandruff is very severe. It is important to keep an oil-free scalp for people who have this condition. 

Fungal Dandruff
Malassezia is a common fungus found on the skin and scalp. But for some people, it may cause an inflammatory response. This can result in dandruff or even eczema. Malassezia feeds on the oil present on the skin. This feeding process usually leaves oleic acid as a by-product. Some people have an immune response against oleic acid which could trigger rapid turnover of dead skin cells. This condition can result in dandruff. 
There are other reasons as well that can cause dandruff. One of them is stress. Stress in life can seriously affect the immune system. With a weaker immune system, it is easy for Malassezia to thrive. Excessive use of chemical products is another reason. These are usually present in chemical shampoos and conditioners. The strong chemicals inside can irritate the skin and lead to dandruff. Ayurvedic treatment for dandruff
Dandruff is no joke, we all know it. It does not have a permanent solution and it could reappear anytime. The best way to reduce dandruff is shampooing. Shampoos with antifungal properties are very good for controlling dandruff. But most of the time, they make the scalp dry. So it is important to choose your shampoo carefully. Chemical shampoos can irritate your skin and scalp as well. Some natural oils also have very good anti-dandruff properties. Below we will explore some of the best oils and Ayurvedic treatments for dandruff.

Danthapala oil
Danthapala oil is one of the best anti-fungal oils, according to Ayurveda. Some sources claim danthapala to be effective against seborrheic dermatitis.
Danthapala oil is a mixture of danthapala leaves with pure coconut oil. The mixture gets mature under direct sunlight for 21 days. The result is an effective relief for dandruff and fungal infections.

Coconut oil
Pure coconut oil is well-known as one of the best oils for hair care. It is also the most commonly used oil for hair care.
Coconut oil is an effective anti-dandruff and anti-microbial treatment. It can penetrate deep follicles and nourish the hair growth from within.
Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is recently gaining popularity as an active ingredient in many hair care products. It is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of tea tree, a plant endemic to Australia.
Tea tree oil is very effective at cleaning hair follicles. It can easily clean the sebum oil naturally present in the scalp. The oil is also very effective at countering the harmful effects of pollution on the hair.
Aloe vera
Without a doubt, one of the best natural moisturizing agents. Aloe vera is not a stranger to any of us. It is one of the most popular ingredients in beauty products. Aloe vera has properties that can prevent dry skin and itching on the scalp.
Stress level
Dandruff is not just about physical conditions. It can also be due to mental conditions. Today, stress, anxiety, and depression are very common. One in ten people suffers from any of the above. Status of career, family, relationships, finance, etc. could cause this. An increased stress level can also cause changes in the body.
Stress cannot cause dandruff directly. But an increase in stress can increase the already present hair fall and dandruff. Avoiding conditions, that cause mental stress, meditation, yoga, etc. are a few options for dandruff treatment at home.

Shampooing is another effective way of removing dandruff. Dandruff caused by oily skin is difficult to heal with other oils. Shampoos are effective at removing this excess oil from the scalp. But using harsh chemical shampoos can also irritate the scalp and make it dry. It is important to select a mild shampoo like Ayurprabhava shampoo.

Cure for dandruff
Prevention is always better than cure. " For dandruff, prevention is always the best choice. Dandruff is very common, but few precautions can help resist it before it hits you. But it is not an easy task. First, one has to identify the type of their scalp. This can help to plan what kind of lifestyle is suitable for the person.

Someone with a dry scalp should be looking to preserve moisture on the skin. The shampoo is not suitable for that. An oil, like any mentioned in the previous section, is better for dry scalp.

Similarly, a person with an oily scalp should not choose oils to control dandruff. For them, the best bet is shampoo. Only a shampoo can remove excess oil from the scalp and prevent dandruff for them.

Dandruff caused by the fungal attack is another thing. For them, the use of antifungal oil can help. But it is hard to say if a person would have fungus on the scalp. The best way is to incorporate an antifungal lifestyle. Periodic use of natural remedies for dandruff can help a lot. Below are a few points that can help avoid dandruff.  A healthy diet that includes essential nutrients like biotin, vitamins, and zinc.

  • Shampooing at least twice a week.
  • Limiting the use of harsh chemicals through hair care products.
  • Bathe twice a day to clean the scalp and hair of pollutants.
  • Use anti-dandruff oils like danthapala oil for at least a week.
  • A healthy body needs a minimum of 3 liters of water per day.
  • The hair should always stay moisturized.
  • Most importantly, keep stress to a minimum.

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