Before we start our journey to unravel the secret of our Danthapala oil, we need to define what it really is. I know Danthapala oil is not a new thing for most of us. But I am doing this so that no one has to be in dark.

So what is Danthapala oil?

Well, Danthapala oil is powerful Ayurvedic medicine. It has a wide range of applications for skin and hair care departments. Danthapala is a small or medium-sized plant that could go up to 3-15 meters in height. The leaves of this plant have extensive applications in Ayurveda and natural treatment. We use Danthapala leaves and coconut oil for making Danthapala oil.

We make Danthapala oil by maturing Danthapala leaves with coconut oil under direct sunlight. Danthapala trees are found throughout Kerala. But to make an effective oil, we need better quality than what we can find here. We need Danthapala leaves with the best medicinal qualities. We harvest such leaves from the heights of Western Ghats. In our experience, the leaves that grow in the highest corners of Western Ghats are most promising. There are certain tribes, that specialize in collecting Danthapala leaves. They sell the collected leaves to Ayurveda medicine manufacturers. They make sure the leaves never come in contact with iron as it may affect the medicinal properties.

Another major ingredient we use for making Danthapala oil is coconut oil. Like Danthapala leaves, we do not pick any coconut for the task. We always try to source from the most organic sources. We also use the traditional oil extraction method to get the best result. Sure it costs us high to do so. But we are more sensitive about the quality than the quantity or cost. The traditional oil press method guarantees pure coconut oil.

The next stage is the mixing. Leaves collected are added to coconut oil. We usually wait 21 days for the blend to mature under direct sunlight. We sometimes call Danthapala oil ‘sun kissed’. The reason might be obvious for you now. The ideal composition for 100ml Danthapala oil 100ml coconut oil with 100grm leaves. We use a traditional pot to expose the mixture to sunlight. Over this period, the leaves will dissolve in the oil and the essence from the leaves will give the oil a deep reddish-brown shade.

We then filter and collect the oil. This is then bottled with the brand name Ayurprabhava and distributed. The oil is especially beneficial for skin and scalp conditions due to fungus attacks. Ayurveda prescribes Danthapala oil for dandruff, eczema, skin marks, and even to the extend of psoriasis. Danthapala is the best-known relief for psoriasis.  Further research is going on to determine other benefits of Danthapala oil.

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