A blend of 6 herbs such as Jamun, amla, wheatgrass, alfalfa, barley etc. works in an effective way to enhance insulin sensitivity and enhances the uptake of present insulin in the bloodstream.

Antidiamix increases the utilization of glucose and lowers blood lipids, which helps to keep blood lipid levels in check.

The Antidiamix ensures potent glucose uptake into the cells to be stored as an energy source for the body; supporting the energy needs of the body.

Momordica Charantia in Antidiamix promotes the secretion of insulin, enhances glucose uptake by tissues, and inhibits the absorption of glucose from the intestine. They also hinder glucose production in the liver.

GymnemaSylvestre in the Antidiamix may support normal sugar levels and appetite, and help you fight sugar cravings.

Terminalia belerica has antioxidant activity that helps to reduce oxidative stress and prevents complications of type-2 diabetes.








Why you should choose Antidiamix ?

A herbal formula

Antidiamix is made of 6 herbs that promotes the health of the endocrine system, enhance insulin sensitivity, and improve the body's ability to properly use the insulin it already produces.

Effective for people with prediabetes

People with prediabetes can benefit from Antidiamix as it’s found helpful for lowering the level of blood sugar, as well as reducing complications of diabetes.

Protects liver and strengthens its functioning

Insulin inhibitors prevents a rise in blood sugar by reducing the liver's production of glucose, inhibiting conversion from glucose to fat, and promoting the conversion from fat to glycogen. Thus reducing the risks of fatty liver.

Your Wellbeing Journey

1 Month

  • Fasting sugar drops down to 10 to 20%.
  • High energy levels
  • Controlled urination
  • Controlled thirst
  • 2-3 Month

  • Sugar levels are less likely to change rapidly.
  • Stable energy throughout the day
  • 4-5 Month

  • Stable blood sugar levels
  • Better healing
  • Less or no skin and bladder infections
  • No teeth or Gum problems
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Antidiamix beneficial for health ?
  • The Antidiamix contains a combination of organic ingredients including Amalaki, Bibhitaki ,Haridra ,Haritaki ,Karavellaka and Meshashringi. This formula helps to increase insulin sensitivity and balance sugar levels.

  • What is the best way to use Antidiamix ?
  • Antidiamix is in the form of a pill which is easy to ingest orally and within a fixed routine that involves taking 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal.

  • What results can I expect from this product ?
  • After using the Antidiamix, your fasting blood sugar levels will decrease to 10-20% and it will stabilize. Sugar levels in your body won't fluctuate much and you will feel less fatigued. You will have more energy because of the Antidiamix .

  • When can I seen result ?
  • Everyone’s body is different, you would notice 10-20% reduction in blood sugar level in 30 days, and significant improvement in 3- 6 months. After following the program for any reason you’re not happy with your results, you can send it back to us hassle-free for a full refund.

  • Who can use this product ?
  • People who are susceptible to diabetes (pre-diabetic) or suffering from type 2 diabetes. Women who are pregnant or nursing their child and people who are undergoing treatment must consult a doctor as a precaution.

  • Are there any side effects ?
  • We understand your apprehension about medicines and it’s side-effects but with Antidiamix, you’re in good hands. We assure you quality and health with our 100% safe herbal products, born through personal conquest for a lifestyle disease free life. Our products are only available on our website and selective marketplaces to ensure you benefit from no middlemen supply chain.