The corona pandemic is ravaging the entire planet. The number of people getting infected is increasing day by day and along with it the death toll. In India, a new variant of the virus is causing a devastating effect. This new strain of coronavirus is spreading faster and has a higher death rate than the normal virus.

The only way to go back to the good old days is through social distancing and personal hygiene. Wearing a mask and cleaning hands with sanitizer regularly is of paramount importance. Using hand sanitizer can cause the skin to be dry for some people. I know the plight because I am one of such people having dry skin issues. But that does not mean I can stop using sanitizer and neither should you.

I would like to share how I am dealing with this issue.

Hydrate your hands after using sanitizer.

Yes, that is the only way to fight the pandemic and dry skin together. It is always best to use natural products for the body. We are seeing the effects of chemical sanitizers on our skin. We do not want any more harsh chemical attacks. So let us choose a natural-based cream with no harmful or irritating chemical content.

How to disinfect hands properly?

That is all the process there is to make sure we are safe. Let us look into each of them a bit thoroughly.


Cleanliness is the most effective weapon against coronavirus. Cleanliness starts with sanitizing. Any normal sanitizer would have good disinfectant properties against viruses. The only problem with sanitizers is that they would dry the skin of the much-needed moisture.

Hand wash

Sanitizer is effective against microbes. But it is not very good at cleaning the skin from dirt and oil. Some people think that sanitizer is one for all wonder for cleaning hands. No. we still need to clean the hands using old fashion soap and water.

Make sure the full palm, including the space between the fingers and around the nails, is thoroughly washed with soap and cleaned with water.

Dry the hands by using a soft, clean, and dry towel. We can also air dry.

Use a good moisturizing cream

The next step is to apply a good moisturizing cream. A cream enriched with natural ingredients would be the ideal choice. Take the required amount and apply gently on the skin. A cream that contains extracts from aloe vera, milk, basil leaves, ash gourd, Brahmi, etc. would be an ideal choice. Make sure that the cream contains no harmful chemicals like paraben, sulfates, or any artificial fragrances.

There may be times when a moisturizer is not available. But don’t let that stop you from using sanitizer. Remember it is better to have dry skin than being infected by the coronavirus. Try to get vaccinated as soon as possible and stay safe.


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