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Fungal attacks and itching on the skin and private body parts. We have all gone through this stage. It is no secret and there is no shame in it. The sad part is that people shy away from getting treatment. The primary reason is that the problem could be with the private parts.

Itching on private parts is a very common condition. Some fungi love warm and damp skin areas like the groin, vagina, underarms, etc. It is high time we acknowledge these are common conditions and people do not need to feel awkward. Over-the-counter creams can treat most fungal infections.

Causes of itching

Itching is not always due to the presence of skin fungus. There are other major factors too. Below are a few common and important causes of itching on the skin: 

  • Allergic reaction

Some people are allergic to certain common materials like wool, insect bites, pollen, certain chemicals, etc. Exposure to these materials could trigger itching on the skin.

  • Exposure to harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals are not good for the skin. Certain soaps and cleaners have chemicals that are very good for cleaning. But they can also irritate delicate skin and cause itching on private parts. 

  • Internal diseases

Itching on the whole body can be dangerous. It might be a symptom of an underlying illness, such as diabetes, kidney disease, anemia, thyroid problems, etc.

  • Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions that result in dry skin can irritate the skin. It, in turn, will result in itching on the skin.

  • Psychiatric conditions

Certain psychiatric conditions can turn the stress response into overdrive. This can damage the sensory signals and cause itching.

This is not a complete list of causes of itching. But one should be aware of them to easily prevent itching. But we also have to identify the major fungal infections on the skin that can cause problems with skin.


Fungal infections on the skin

Fungal infections on the skin can happen to anyone. Fungus are present everywhere, even on our bodies. The problem happens when the skin fungus gets in contact with any cuts or injuries on the skin. Fungal rashes are common for most fungal infections on the skin. We will also discuss the types of fungal infections on the skin, the best cream for fungal infections, the best solution to prevent fungal rashes, and the best natural ingredients that can help with fungal infection.

The fungus causes fungal infection. That much is obvious from the name. Fungus (fungi when there is only one) is an organism of the eukaryotic group. This group also includes microorganisms such as molds and yeasts. Even the more popular mushrooms belong to this category only.

Not all fungus are harmful to us. We even eat some of them, like mushrooms. So we can’t blame them for taking revenge. But we can take steps to ensure they won't harm us.  Fungal attacks are difficult to deal with. The main reason is that the fungus can survive in the environment and re-enter our bodies again. Let us look at the types of fungus that can harm us.


5 most common fungal infections

The fungus can range from a few micrometers in diameter to a few inches. There are approximately 148000 species of fungi discovered so far. But it is not a solid number and some estimates indicate between 2.2 to 3.8 million species of fungus. Below is the information on some of the most common fungal infections:

  • Ringworm (body):

These evil guys try to disguise themselves under the name ‘worm’. But they are fungi and we know that. They like to attack our torso and limbs. Those who study them call them tinea corporis.

The ring-shaped fungal rashes are the inspiration for the name ringworm.  These fungal rashes have slightly raised edges and can cause itching on the skin. The itching and rashes can spread through the skin. The skin in the middle of the circular rashes looks healthy.

Ringworms, although not serious, can be highly contagious and irritating. Ringworm treatment can be a simple fungal infection cream. Understanding the above ringworm symptoms discussed in the above paragraph can help to identify and fight the ringworm rash effectively.

  • Jock Itch

Well, this one can make some men awkward. Jock itch is a major reason for itching on the private parts of many people. A skin fungus called tinea cruris causes this little nuisance. It is a dermatophyte that usually lives on our skin. They usually don’t cause problems. But exposure to moisture causes them to reproduce quickly and can result in jock itch.

The groin area of men is their favorite spot. The affected skin may appear scaly or cracked. The infection typically starts in the groin area and spreads to the thighs. Like ringworm, the border of the fungal rash is slightly raised and darker. Jock itch, although common for men, can also infect women.

The below methods can help treat jock itch:

  1. Use an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream.
  2. Use a mild soap to clean the area.
  3. Keep the infected area thoroughly dry.
  4. Always use clean and dry undergarments.
  5. Wear comfortable cotton clothing.
  6. Make sure no other infections affect the skin.

If the symptoms of the jock itch are not subsiding after 2 weeks, it is best to consult a doctor.

  • Athlete’s foot:

Tinea pedis is the major cause of athlete's foot. It is a fungal infection on the skin that mainly affects the feet. The fungus is commonly present in clothes or floors.

Athlete’s foot can cause itching, burning, and even blistering on the toes or soles of the feet. The condition can cause cracking or peeling of the skin on the feet.

A good fungal infection cream can deal with an athlete’s foot. Keeping the skin clean and hygienic can help to avoid the condition. It is important to use a cream made for the feet. Face creams and body creams might not be good enough to penetrate the feet.

  • Vaginal candidiasis

This is a very common condition found in women. More than half of the women have had some experience with this yeast infection at least once in their life. The main reason for vaginal candidiasis. It is a common yeast commonly found on the skin, mouth, throat, and vagina.

This can cause discomfort during urination, pain during intercourse, and, as usual, itching and soreness. Although this yeast infection can not cause any lethal effects, it could still be very irritating to have.

Treatment is done either directly through the skin or by medicine intake through the mouth. The below precautionary steps can help avoid this yeast infection:

  1. Wearing loose and comfortable undergarments.
  2. Avoiding harsh chemicals and scented products.
  3. Avoiding wet clothes.
  4. Taking care of menstrual hygiene.
  • Onychomycosis

A fungal infection that can affect the nails. The toenails are the most commonly affected parts. But the same can be found on fingernails as well.

Onychomycosis could happen due to the actions of dermatophytes, yeasts, and non dermatophyte molds.

Onychomycosis can cause nails that are:

  1. Thickened
  2. Yellowish
  3. Brittle and easy to break.

Over-the-counter medication is sometimes not enough to treat this condition. Sometimes, doctors will have to remove the affected nails partially or completely.


Now we understand the major fungal infections, their causes, and even simple treatments and preventive steps that can help. Most fungal infections are frustrating but not lethal. Fungi have a liking for the damp and dark areas. So they are most commonly found in private parts, skin folds, and underarms.

A good body cream can treat itching on private parts, skin, yeast infection, skin fungus, fungal rash, etc. Strong chemicals can irritate the skin. So the best cream for fungal infections should be mild and made mostly of natural ingredients. The 8 best natural ingredients for the best cream for fungal infection are:

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Sandalwood
  3. Danthapala
  4. Indian kino
  5. Beeswax
  6. Coconut oil
  7. Ashwagandha
  8. Almond

So make sure the body cream you buy has all these necessary ingredients.


Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Ajeesh

Itching on leg

Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Ajeesh

Itching on leg

Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Ajeesh

Itching on leg…

Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Reza uddin

Hello sir/madam, I have fungal infections at private area in my body. It’s about 2year. Is there any suggestions could you please give me? Medicine or any cream.

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